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A comprehensive list documenting the history of the British Monarchy

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The British Monarchy is a reference app that tells you everything you need to know about the history of the kings and queens of Great Britain, from around 800AD to present day. Each listed monarch links to their respective Wikipedia article — which for historical figures, tends to be a reliable source of information.

As there are over 150 listed monarchs, the app has three simple ways of helping you find the information you want: sort alphabetically, chronologically or use the search function. Also, monarchs can be saved manually by tapping the + symbol and accessed at anytime using the favourites tab.

If you want to research a monarch further, the app has a built in web browser that links straight to Google, as well as a section for making your own notes.

Overall, the app feels a lot like a book and there’s certainly a lot of reading to be done. It’s ideal for quickly referencing information but it’s not something that would hold the attention of a student.

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