angry birds bookmarks free

Angry Birds Bookmarks

Our Angry Birds bookmarks are a fun way to reward children for reading. The pack includes an A4 sheet of Angry Birds and an A4 sheet of bad piggies! When…

side view of lego blocks printable

LEGO Blocks (Side View)

Printable LEGO blocks for creating 2D artwork. There are 11 total colours and two sizes. When building a display, layer from the bottom and work upwards. A ruler also comes…

free blank viking ship template

Viking Ship Template

A blank viking ship for students to create their own viking sail and four shield designs. Bright and bold colours are sure to intimidate possible enemies!

printable lego background pattern

LEGO Patterns

Our LEGO pattern resource is available in 9 colours, allowing you to create a background or wall display for any occasion.

google search query reminder schools

Remember to Google

A classroom poster for remembering to do one thing: Google it! Just jot down your search query and record the name of the person who wants to know the answer….

reference cards for us cities

Cities of USA

There are almost 20,000 cities in the USA but thankfully our resource only includes 40 of them. Each illustrated reference card displays the name and state, set against the backdrop…

reference cards for famous cities around the world

Cities of the World

There are many great cities scattered around the world and we’ve illustrated 54 of them for use as reference cards or as part of a themed display. Each city displays…

character expressions banner classroom free

Character Expressions Banner

Cartoon children displaying 8 different expressions. From left to right: afraid, worried, awkward, surprised, sad, excited, overjoyed and happy. The banner is split across three A4 pages.

character expressions print children recognising faces

Character Expressions

Cartoon children displaying 14 different expressions. Happy, sad, worried, overjoyed, surprised, afraid, excited, comfortable, glad, awkward, embarrassed, cross, astonished, confused.