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Manage your entire book library with Book Crawler

app for organising your library of books

Book Crawler for iPad is a really practical app for managing books. Not only can you manage the books you own, but you can also use Book Crawler for getting recommendations on what to read next.

Although the app looks a bit old-fashioned, there are plenty of modern features to get excited about. Using the iPad’s camera, you simply scan a book’s ISBN number and it automatically gets added to your collection as if by magic. If you scan a more obscure book that’s not recognised, you can always manually add it without issue.

Once a book has been added you can give it a rating and even select if you have lent it out to someone. This can come in especially handy in the classroom as you can add the name of the borrower too. You can’t however say how many copies you have of one particular book, so you’d need to add them separately if you have more than one. You also have a couple of custom fields that you can add extra data in, like the book condition for example.

Book Crawler’s main organisation feature is the use of tags. This is where you can assign tags to books and essentially categorise everything. This makes it easy to find all books lent out, their subject or whatever other tags you’ve used. You can also sort your tag results by a number of things like author, genre, rating and more.

The only thing holding Book Crawler back is the way it looks. If you can get past that part, you’ll find it’s a pretty brilliant app.

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