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Build a computer and code your own software with Kano

Kids use computers everyday but how many would know how to build one? The Kano kit is a DIY computer that consists of a Raspberry Pi, speaker, and keyboard, that you assemble together and connect to a television or monitor. It’s suitable for all ages and even the instruction manual is a wonderfully illustrated story. Once all your parts and cables are connected, it’s time to explore the Kano operating system.

kano os

This open-source software is a playground for creativity and exploration. It’s super easy to use and the artwork and layout are very kid-friendly. It allows you to do all the usual computer stuff like play music, stream video or browse the web, but the real benefits are in the Kano app store. Here you’ll find lots of apps for writing, painting and coding — all to download for free. For coding newbies the best place to start is with the Codeacademy app that has step-by-step lessons teaching you the basics of various coding languages. Once you have the skills, you can then expand to more challenging projects like creating your own app or game.

The Kano kit is £139.99 but if you’re buying for your classroom or school then an education discount is available (by contacting them here). If you already have Raspberry Pi computers, then why not download and install the Kano OS for free? It’s a brilliant little operating system!



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