Imagination playground where you build and play

Imagination Playground is an interactive, transformable playspace

No longer does a playground have to consist of fixed equipment, such as slides and…

Magnetic monthly organiser for the wall

Convenient combination of a cork board and a magnetic whiteboard

Organising things has just become that little bit easier with a cork board and magnetic…

Joseph Joseph drawer tidy for organising classroom supplies

Organise your desk with the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore

The DrawerStore isn’t just suited for the kitchen. It’s pretty efficient in the classroom too.

Tools and resources for a spring garden at school

Welcome in spring with a classroom garden

We’ve selected a few things to help setup a classroom garden, just in time for…

Large cloud stickers for the wall

Large cloud stickers for your classroom wall

These brilliant large cloud stickers are made from vinyl so you can write on them…

Scrabble magnets

Fun vocabulary lessons with Scrabble magnets

Scrabble tiles allow children to spell out words, swap letters and make new and interesting…

Class displays and wall mounting ideas

3 simple tips for your classroom displays

We love a classroom display that provides real value to your pupils’ learning – one…

A huge bazaar bean bag for classroom reading nooks or calm areas

Comfy classroom seating with Bazaar Bean Bags

Bazaar Bean Bags make a brilliant range of bean bags that have been seen on…

Great ways to use sticky notes in the classroom

5 Great post-it note ideas for teachers

Post-it notes are an essential part of a teacher’s toolbox.

Blue sky with white clouds classroom backing paper

Brighten up a classroom wall with creative backing paper

These huge sections of paper come in all sorts of patterns and are sure to…

The If Machine philosophy book

Introduce critical thinking to your classroom with the If Machine Book

The If Machine book provides situations and accompanying questions to encourage children to challenge key…

The full text of a novel displayed in one minimal poster

Display an entire novel with a full text book poster

If you ever wanted to display your favourite book, you now have an option.