Racetrack Behaviour Chart

A behaviour chart for car fans! Up to 8 racers compete through the checkpoints as…

We were wondering…

A poster designed for curious students to pin questions around for researching later.

Behaviour chart with New Day poem

Today is a fresh new day! A simple behaviour ladder with two sections above and…

Poetry Toolkit

A set of posters displaying some of the tools that can be used in poetry…

writing poster schools free police
POLICE: Department of Storytelling

When writing a story, be sure to follow the POLICE rules. Plot, originality, language, interest,…

Thank You Notes

For times when you need a quick and easy way of saying thanks.

egyptian deities posters free
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Discover some of the great Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, such as Geb, God of Earth,…

ancient egypt artwork printable
Egyptian Artwork

A set of eight posters displaying the style of artwork from ancient Egypt.

Geometric Christmas Tree

A simple and colourful geometric Christmas tree for adding some festivity to the classroom.

Things To Do: Now, Later, Important and Not Important

A colourful A5 template for printing your own to-do list. It features the Eisenhower Principle…

Social media poster reminding you to beware what you share

A poster displaying advice for children using social media. Think before you press send.

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible. A motivational poster for the classroom.