Category: Rewards

Plants vs. Zombies Reward Chart

In Zombie Revenge (our twist on the popular Plants vs Zombies game), let pupils take control of the zombies as they march there way from right to left in this unique reward chart.

printable superhero bookmarks free

Superhero Bookmarks

Simple superhero bookmarks in various colours. Each superhero comes in both male and female versions.

Christmas Certificates

Reward pupils over the festive season with our Christmas certificates. There’s two versions and they’re both on A4 pages.

LEGO Emoji Behaviour Chart

A simple behaviour chart that uses emoji LEGO heads. Also includes LEGO-style character cards that children can use to move up and down the chart.

Award Rosettes

Simple award rosettes for rewarding any classroom achievements. There are six designs, including gold, silver and bronze.

Monster Bookmarks

Ten super cute and furry monster bookmarks. Great for using as part of a reward system or simply as motivation for reluctant readers.

reward bookmarks for children

Reward Bookmarks

Reward pupils whilst encouraging reading. Our reward bookmarks pack includes two certificate styles and two smiley face styles.