Category: Literacy

Blank Word Search Templates

A colourful set of blank word search templates. Available in seven colours and three grid sizes (12×12, 15×15 and 20×20).

Book Review Bookmarks

A set of bookmarks for keeping track of your book review ratings. Each one lists the title, author and your score.

Building Blocks Alphabet

An alphabet in the style of classic building blocks. Includes letters A-Z, an exclamation point and a question mark.

Geometric Shapes Alphabet

A geometric alphabet made from simple shapes. Each letter is transparent so you can see what shapes have been used to construct it.

Vintage Alphabet

A set of vintage letters in blue, red and green. All 26 letters are available in each colour.

Sun Alphabet

A set of letters from A-Z on sun icons. Ideal for weather topics or a bright alphabet display.

Skyline Alphabet

Create a city silhouette with our skyline alphabet. There are three styles included: black, outline and coloured.

Pixel Alphabet

A set of pixel letters from A-Z. Also includes a question mark and exclamation mark.

Neon Alphabet

A neon alphabet in green, blue and pink. Ideally, print out and display on a dark background.