Critical feature poster set for KS2

Critical Feature Poster

The critical feature poster is to help pupils notice and solve their own mistakes.

Posters displaying 50 of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language

50 Commonly Misspelled Words (UK English)

A poster in three colours of commonly misspelled English words. The list is sorted alphabetically.

Bookmarks that display the 50 most commonly misspelled words in the English language

50 Commonly Misspelled Words (UK English Bookmarks)

A set of four bookmarks displaying the 50 most commonly misspelled words in the UK…

How do I spell this word? poster for helping students break down tricky words

How do I spell this word?

A poster outlining steps to take when you don’t know how to spell a word.…

Printable scrabble tiles in red and blue colours

Scrabble Tiles

Printable Scrabble tiles for spelling and word games. Included in the pack is blank and…

A set of collective nouns for children

Collective nouns for animals

A set of 20 cards displaying some collective nouns for animals. Such as: an array…

A printable word search template for creating your own puzzles

Blank Word Search Templates

A colourful set of blank word search templates. Available in seven colours and three grid…

Flash cards for teaching about winter weather

Winter Word Cards

Our winter word cards have an icy theme! There’s 25 chilly words with a different…

pictures of fruit with names classroom printable

Fruit Photos with Names

Nine photos of fruit with names. There are 3 cards to an A4 page.

Different types of energy sources on flash cards

Energy Sources

Seven sources of energy that are great for displays or used as topic cards.

Words of the week flash cards for children

Days of the Week Monster Cards

Learn the days of the week with these cute monsters. Each card states if it…

Question words on clouds for KS2

Question Word Clouds

Six commonly used questions for reading and writing lessons. Available in small and large sizes.