Category: Multiplication



A colourful poster to show the mathematical order of operations when calculating an equation.

1-12 times table fan deck printable multiplication

1-12 Times Table Fan Deck

Create a fan deck of colour and multiplication! Our 1-12 times tables are colour-coded and can be conveniently connected together in a fan shape.

play countdown game print letters free

Countdown Game

A printable version of the classic TV show, Countdown. There are 4 letters to an A4 page and we’ve sorted them from most, to least common.

Pokemon Times Tables

A set of Pokémon times tables from 1-12. The numbers have been split into four groups with a different colour of Poké ball from the game Pokémon GO.

Colourful Multiplication Table

A colourful multiplication table for displays. The grid is split across six A4 pages which can be assembled as is or cut out individually.

Multiplication Table Jigsaw

A 1-12 multiplication table that’s also a jigsaw puzzle. It’s split over six A4 pages so it will need quite a bit of cutting out! (sorry!)