mood meter how am i feeling free printable poster
How am I feeling? Moodmeter

Our ‘mood meter’ is a great way to encourage discussions (one-on-one or group) about how…

extinct animal cards classroom teaching
Extinct Animals

Our set of 10 cards raise awareness to some of the animals that have become…

printable trivial pursuit board game free
Trivial Pursuit Board Game

Our version of the classic game, Trivial Pursuit, has been simplified for the classroom.

realistic tree template for drawing the four seasons: spring summer autumn winter
Four Seasons Tree Templates

A realistic tree template for drawing the changes throughout the four seasons.

UK Map of Counties

A printable map displaying the names and boundries of the counties in Great Britain and…

world map of continents printable labellled
World Map of Continents

An A4 map of the world’s continents. Available in two versions: labelled and blank.

a twitter template for tweets
Tweet Templates

Tweet tweet! A blank twitter box for displaying an inspirational quote or bringing to life…

free blank viking ship template
Viking Ship Template

A blank viking ship for students to create their own viking sail and four shield…

football jerseys tops soccer
Blank Football Tops

Add your school colours, favourite teams or create a new design for your next Quidditch…

cities of usa writing templates free
Cities of USA Writing Templates

Our USA writing templates are great for poems, short stories or other topic work. They…

reference cards for us cities
Cities of USA

There are almost 20,000 cities in the USA but thankfully our resource only includes 40…

reference cards for famous cities around the world
Cities of the World

There are many great cities scattered around the world and we’ve illustrated 54 of them…