Category: Miscellaneous

a twitter template for tweets

Tweet Templates

Tweet tweet! A blank twitter box for displaying an inspirational quote or bringing to life a tweet from a historical figure.

football jerseys tops soccer

Blank Football Tops

Add your school colours, favourite teams or create a new design for your next Quidditch tournament.

character expressions print children recognising faces

Character Expressions

Cartoon children displaying 14 different expressions. Happy, sad, worried, overjoyed, surprised, afraid, excited, comfortable, glad, awkward, embarrassed, cross, astonished, confused.

avery compatible labels hello my name is

Hello, my name is…

Create your own “Hello my name is” labels! The PDF is ready to print on Avery J8165 label paper.

App Review Template

A printable template for children to write their own app reviews. Draw the icon, write the main review and give it a final score out of 10.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

The classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameshow in a printable format. Includes a logo, lifeline icons, a money ladder (in Pounds) and questions.