Category: Miscellaneous

printable pumpkin template with eyes and mouths

Pumpkin Template

Our pumpkin template is great for using to carve real pumpkins or creating designs for the wall.

Sports Rules Cards

Ten cards that display the basic rules of various sports. They don’t cover everything but hopefully it’s enough to get started.

wool hat templates

Woolly Hat Templates

When life gives you winter weather – design a hat! Six different styles that can be drawn and painted to add a splash of colour to winter.

Golden Balls TV Show Game

A fun pack based on the Golden Balls TV Show. Great for maths games, working as a team or going it alone. Will you Split or Steal?

Quiz Card Templates

Printable cards for creating a quiz. There’s space for a written question and four answers.

Voting Ballot Templates

A simple set of voting ballots for children. There are four colours and four different layouts, including 2, 3, 4 and 5 box options.

Pixel Playing Cards

A retro twist on a standard set of playing cards! Our pixelated version contains 52 cards with no jokers.