Coach’s Eye is a great evaluation tool for students, athletes & teachers

For P.E. teachers, Coach’s Eye is a must-have app. It allows you to record training sessions and provide feedback to improve the student’s performance. Recordings can be played back in slow motion or annotated directly on top to point out posture tips or general analysis.

Once you’ve recorded a clip, you can fast forward and rewind to focus on certain areas. When the video is paused, you can use the drawing tools, such as circles, lines or freehand, to make note of your corrections. If you press the record button prior to the annotations, it’ll begin a new video with all your corrections overlaid the original footage. You can then use the video as an example or send to the student as feedback.

Coach’s Eye also has another trick up its sleeve in the way of split screen comparisons. Here you can add two videos and review them side-by-side, at the same time, for an even more accurate analysis.

Available to download for Android or iOS.


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