Control the noise levels in your classroom with the help of a monster

Class Monster Pro is another way of controlling the noise levels in your classroom. It features a customisable monster that lives in your iPad and becomes animated when certain scenarios occur. When students are nice and quiet, the monster displays a happy expression. When noise levels increase, the monster becomes upset.

The app uses sound effects to alert students of the noise levels and there is the option of recording your own sounds too. Alternatively, you can mute the sounds completely and just use it as a display.

As expected, you can adjust the sensitivity of the app and tweak various settings to suit your needs. This includes the length of time a monster cries and how long acceptable noise levels should be maintained for a ‘heart reward’.

Overall, Class Monster Pro is a really simple app that’s ideal for KS1 learners. For a more classic noise level app try MyClassRules.

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