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Cover all aspects of fractions in a simple, easy way with Quick Fractions

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Quick Fractions is another super app from the team at Shiny Things. It uses handwriting recognition to help teach children the four key areas of fractions that are taught in schools: equivalence, comparison, adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing.

These areas are then organised into separate game modes so you can pick and choose as necessary.

An excellent feature for classrooms is the ability to add multiple users. Each one can be individually tracked to see how they’ve performed, what level of difficulty they played and how long it took them to complete.

For users that struggle with fraction concepts, each mode contains a help section where you are walked through step-by-step on how to perfect a puzzle. It displays all the working out, highlights important parts and gives a brief description of what’s going on. Combine this with practise and a bit of enthusiasm and you should come away with a solid understanding of fractions.

As mentioned earlier, Quick Fractions isn’t the only app made by Shiny Things. We’ve reviewed their previous creations and can highly recommend them all! You can save 50% by purchasing their pack of four apps, that includes Quick Fractions, for just £3.99.

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