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Create a 3D animated face from a photograph with Morfo

Morfo is a very clever app that takes a static photograph of someone and gives it life. It’ll smile, raise eyebrows and with the help of a little audio recording, you can even make your character speak.

When you start up Morfo, you’ll be asked to either add a photo from your camera roll, or take a photo using the built-in camera. Before you add a photo, remember you can animate anything that has a face — classmates, pets and cuddly toys all work great! We found that it works best when your subject is facing directly towards the camera and their face fills the screen. The next step involves moving eye, nose and mouth templates into position. This lets the app know where the main features are, and what to animate. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll notice your image now looks alive! You can then change expressions and watch as your face becomes happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared and disgusted. The eyes will even follow your finger as you move it across the screen.

The app is free but it comes with a few in-app purchases that will unlock additional features if you require them.

Using Morfo in the Classroom

  • Teach about facial expressions
  • Animate an image of a famous person
  • Make a character come to life from a book or drawing
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