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Of course you could create a throw-away seating plan on a bit of paper, but with iSeatplan you can continue to monitor how the plan is performing and what needs to be changed for a more efficient classroom.

To create a classroom seating plan, you begin with a blue grid that you can add students to — each represented by a desk, displaying their first and last names. If you have a new class and want to associate names with faces, you can also add a photo to each student profile. If you need to highlight a student for a particular reason, there are five colours to choose from, which helps them stand out in your plan.

Once you’ve added all your students, just drag a desk with your finger and position it on the plan, using the grid to help align things up. When you’re happy with the layout, you’re ready to start monitoring your class.

Throughout lessons, you can take note of student contributions (quality and quantity) and when a student disturbs the class. This information is then displayed in a diagram for you to review and make any changes if necessary.

Download for iOS.

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