Drawp is an art app that offers an enhanced workflow and collaboration

Drawp is an art app for younger learners who aren’t looking for complicated textures or the precision of an ultra-fine marker. It keeps things simple and it leaves the advanced features to an app like ArtRage or Autodesk Sketchbook.

Where Drawp really shines is with the student and teacher modes. Teachers have a digital desk where they can manage all their students, such as viewing account information and setting assignments. When students login to their accounts, they can immediately see what they need to do and they can submit their work digitally once it’s completed.

As mentioned earlier, Drawp isn’t an art app that will create mind-blowing masterpieces but it can be really beneficial for colouring, annotating or freehand sketching.

It’s free to try but if you want to add multiple classes or subjects, you’ll need a subscription.

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