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Dynamic Plates explains how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed

A screenshot from the Dynamic Plates iPad app

Some apps benefit from the use of animations as they allow you to see exactly how something works. Dynamic Plates could of used static images throughout, with arrows and annotations, but what they’ve created is something far more interactive.

This use of animation really helps with explanations and it’s no surprise that the developer is, science teacher, Enzo Pancucci.

Using Dynamic Plates, the user can recreate what happens naturally on earth over millions of years, including earthquakes, tsunamis and more. This is done through interactive animations that let you control and move plates in order to achieve a particular result. In addition to this, there is an extensive photo gallery that’s accompanied with explanations of what’s going on in each picture. Another nice element of the app is the quiz, where students can apply and demonstrate their new knowledge directly within the app.

Dynamic Plates is a must-have for any geography teacher who wants to discuss the topic of plate tectonics or volcanism in class. Just having the opportunity to demonstrate the processes, is likely enough to justify the purchase.

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