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Everything you need to capture professional video footage on the iPad

The iPad has become a popular device for photography as it has a large display, allowing you to see exactly what you’re capturing. Although it’s not exactly practical when you’re out and about, it is ideal for using in the classroom. Multiple people can see the screen and as a result more students feel involved with what’s going on.

To improve the film-making process we’ve compiled some of the best accessories and apps — from capturing video, to adding background music.

Video Recording App – Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a video recording app that adds many professional features to the iPad’s default camera. It unlocks manual settings that give the user much more control, such as video resolution, split exposure (adjustable while filming), audio meters and frame rates. As long as you know and understand what you’re doing, it can be a real benefit for creating broadcast-worthy HD footage. Even luxury car manufacturer Bentley used Filmic Pro to create an inspiring short film titled Intelligent Details.

Equipment – Padcaster

The Padcaster is an all-in-one solution for shooting professional video. It features a rugged case and accessories that transform the iPad into a mobile production studio.

Stabilisation: A thread at the base of the case allows it to be connected to any standard tripod — giving you a steady shot and avoiding camera shake.

Audio: The unidirectional microphone ensures your subject can be heard clearly, even in a loud or busy environment.

Lighting: A variable brightness LED packs a lot of light in a small package. If you need to adjust the direction of the light you can remove it from the case and light your subject by hand.

Optics: The lens bracket accepts various professional SLR lenses and it also comes with a .45 wide angle lens for a larger viewing angle.

It’s quite an investment at $399 but you do get a lot of kit for the price.

Video Editing – iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s own video editing app built exclusively for touchscreen devices. It allows you to clip scenes, add video filters and transitions, customise the credits and lots more. You can read our previous review here.

Music – Incompetech

The website Incompetech has a large collection of free and royalty-free music, which you can download and use as long as you credit the author. You can find music by using the search box to enter keywords for the type of music you require — such as sad, fast, scary etc. It’s a popular source for many YouTubers and content creators as it has a lot of variation and the quality is relatively high.

Extras – Teleprompter Pro Lite

For a professional production you might want to consider an autocue app such as Teleprompter Pro Lite. This is an industry-standard teleprompter system that allows a speaker to continuously read without interruptions or having to remember a script. You can adjust the size of the text and the speed at which is scrolls, making it great for all reading levels.

Creating excellent videos using the iPad doesn’t need everything that is listed, but they will certainly help. Even just adding one of the apps would be an improvement.

However, when they are all combined together, you have the perfect tools for endless school activities including: digital storytelling and digital portfolios, green screening, sporting events, concerts and plays, graduation ceremonies, live streaming, classroom instruction, and so much more.

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