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Explore the history of Versailles in 3D

Versailles 3D is an app that takes visitors on a tour of Versailles, immersing themselves in history through their mobile phones and tablets.

In the app, the famous château and its grounds have been completely recreated in 3D showing you the castle at various points throughout history. In addition to the 3D maps, you also have an article for each year and location, as well as a video that explains the life of the castle from 1624 to 1789.

Each location in the castle grounds has the option to view it in 3D. Here you can rotate 360º and zoom-in to areas of interest. You can also switch between the years to see how building development has changed over time.

If you were using the app as part of a French topic, you’ll be happy to hear that you can change the language in the settings. The overview video of the castle also gets translated too.

Overall, the app doesn’t have a great deal of content but it is substantial enough to support your own quiz. As we say with most free apps, if you think you might use it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try it out.

Available for iOS and Android.


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