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Farm Factor takes you through the building blocks of learning multiplication

lumio farm factor is a multiplication and division app

Lumio Farm Factor is a wonderful combination of beautiful design and effective maths learning — something that’s not often seen in the App Store. Usually maths app are either very effective at teaching concepts but look terrible, or brilliant to look at but lack any real educational gain.

As indicated in the name, Farm Factor takes place on a farm, where you have to sort and calculate fruit and vegetables. The game is split into levels where upon completion you receive three gold stars (similar to Angry Birds). The following level is only unlocked once you complete the previous.

Although it seems like a fun game, it actually progresses the player through the basic building blocks of multiplication. Moving from repeated addition to arrays, whilst continuously displaying the algorithm. However, unlike other maths apps, the colourful illustrations and characters keep children engaged.

If there was one thing that could be improved it would be the inclusion of more examples. The game progresses quite quickly and some children would benefit from repeating levels but with different numbers, just to reinforce their understanding.

Overall, Farm Factor is one of the best maths apps we’ve seen. The developers, Lighthouse Learning, clearly understand what it takes to make a great educational app.

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