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GeoMaster Plus HD is a geography quiz that spans the globe

geomaster geography quiz for ipad

Set on the backdrop of a classroom chalkboard, GeoMaster Plus is a quiz app all about locations. The app will give you the name of a place and all you have to do is touch the area on the map where you think it is.

The more accurate you are, the more points you’ll score — so it’s worth zooming in occasionally if you’re comfortable with the exact location of a place. However, be careful when you’re moving the map, as on a number of occasions we accidentally tapped the wrong area by mistake, resulting in zero points.

As you progress through the levels, they become increasingly more difficult and some of the place names we’d never even heard of! But ultimately, this is the joy of learning!

GeoMaster Plus is a complete geography tool and it’s not just capital cities that you have to find. The app has challenges for UK counties, US states, world flags, famous monuments, oceans, mountains and much more.

When you finish a challenge, you can submit your score to the online leaderboard where you can see how it stacks up against other players from around the world.

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