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Gneo: the ultimate productivity app for teachers

Gneo is much more than just another to-do list app. It combines a number of effective ways of managing your tasks to help you get them done more efficiently.

The app uses three screens that lets you switch between a to-do list, a calendar and a grid displaying importance and urgency.

The calendar view displays dates in a horizontal timeline that you can scroll through and each task is displayed as a vertical list within each day. This makes items really clear to read and you can see what days you’re most busy. You can also choose what calendars to display so you don’t have personal events like birthdays showing up with your school stuff.

The second screen is your to-do list page where you can sort tasks into notebooks (categories). This feature is a more traditional checklist where items can be ticked as you complete them. You can also reorder or edit tasks on this screen too.

The final screen is a well known way of organising tasks into a grid, that consists of urgent, not urgent, important and not important. Here you can prioritise what needs to be done right away and what can be completed later. To change the status of a particular task, you just tap and hold before dragging it into a new box. As teachers, we always have something to do, so this feature extremely handy!

Not only is Gneo good at organising tasks but each task can also store a lot of cool things. You can add tags, notes, reminder alarms, and even files like photos or voice notes. There’s also the option to mark a note as important or urgent for when you use the grid view. If you have a to-do list that’s more longterm, you can add that to the goals option (viewable when you tap the screen switcher button at the bottom). This way they won’t affect your daily tasks and you can check them off in your own time.

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