The benefits of creating a learning log in the classroom

Here’s a great video by Bev Evans (you can follow her on twitter @bevevans22) who shows us the benefits of creating individual learning logs for your pupils.

After I watched the video, I came away inspired to change the way I think about homework. The video talks about using learning logs but I’m going to approach it as a learning journal. Instead of just logging what pupils have done, she talks about using the logs as a place to explore learning through homework projects.

Using this philosophy for homework I am choosing to rename it a ‘Learning Journal’ because I think it reflects the purpose, documenting the journey of the pupils’ learning – more accurately. When a project or task is set, the pupils can present their work in their journals. They might use photos, lists, drawings, stickers, popups or anything they can think of. I am going to use it in both ways suggested by the video – a set class project but also give free choice for some projects. This would be a great opportunity for pupils to persue a topic of interest in further depth. I think what struck me most about this use of ‘learning Journals’ is the ownership and personalisation, even for set topics, that will encourage more motivation for a notoriously tricky area of the curriculum. If pupils produce display worthy work, pages can easily be photocopied and presented in the classroom.

Take a look at the video and see if it inspires you too.



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