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Maily: a child’s first email address

maily ipad app

Maily is a wonderful iPad app that introduces the world of email to children. Emails can be created using five tools adapted to a child’s needs: pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, stamps and their own words.

It’s ideally suited more for parents, so it’s a great app that you could recommend as a first email account. With the simple buttons and colourful tools, Maily for iPad makes it possible for children as young as 4 to understand email.

When it comes to children having their own email address, the main concern is privacy. With Maily, accounts and emails are supervised by the adult, so only you can decide who they contact. You first setup the adult account and then you can add the child’s account, which comes with a free @maily.com email address. Once you’re all signed up you can monitor all the email activity on the child’s account, seeing all incoming and outgoing messages.

All selected contacts have to sign up to Maily too; this helps keep everything secure and not allow access to unverified users. As you have to use the Maily dashboard to reply, you have access to the many drawing and photo features that enable you to send a creative reply that is engaging for the child.

As email is such an important part of everyday life, we think Maily for iPad is a great introduction, for what will be a big part of a child’s future.

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