turn photos into paintings app

Make your photos look like a drawing or painting with Sketch Guru

Sketch Guru is a free app that converts any photograph into a drawing. Whether you want a pencil sketch, gouache painting or watercolour – your photo is transformed with the touch of a button.

Upon starting the app, you’re required to take a photo or load one from your camera roll. There’s also the opportunity to connect to an Instagram, Facebook or Flickr account and download from the cloud. As the app is free, it does contain some advertisements. While not too annoying, they can be removed via an in-app purchase of £2.49.

Once you’ve selected a photo, you have the option of cropping it and then selecting from one of the 13 filters. Some of these include: gouache, pencil, watercolour, comic book and halftone. The pencil sketch is especially useful as it simplifies an image, which could then be used for photocopying or as a guide for a real painting.

Available for iOS and Android.


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