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Math 42 provides step-by-step solutions to maths problems

math 42 smart calculator app android ios

Think of Math 42 as a combination of a calculator and a maths tutor. It doesn’t just solve maths problems but it explains the process that was used to find the answer. Although it won’t replace the teaching of a new concept, it will certainly help to remind students of rules and formulas, especially when a teacher is not present.

In addition to working out maths problems, the app also has a very good training and test system. It has the options of studying fractions, simplifying terms, derivations and more — each with an easy, medium and hard difficulty option. The time taken to complete the test is recorded with your answers and a score is generated and saved.

Although the name is a little random, the app is thoroughly worth having. The step-by-step working out of a solution is just not something you see in other calculator apps. It’s great for home or classroom use, and the price tag is something we just love!

Available for iOS and Android.

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