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Practice mental arithmetic with Quick Maths+

quick maths+ app by shiny things

Quick Maths+ is a brilliant way of improving your basic maths skills, that involves writing answers to sums directly on the screen, using your finger. Once you open the app, you’ll want to add your profile at the bottom of the screen so that the app can track your progress. You can add as many user profiles as needed, which makes it perfect for classrooms with more pupils than iPads.

The app includes four modes consisting of Solve, Memorise, Compare and Swap. With each mode, you can select your level of difficulty from beginner to extreme — testing all levels of mathematicians. Each game is timed (hence the name Quick Maths), so the faster you complete each game, the higher your score — providing you get the answers correct! To submit an answer, you simply write the number on the screen with your finger and the app uses handwriting recognition to determine the number you’ve written.

Two of our favourite game modes were Memorise and Compare. Memorise not only utilises your mental arithmetic skills, but your memory too. You need to remember each number from the previous sum in order to solve the next one. Our second favourite game mode was Compare, where you work out whether an answer is greater-than, less-than or equal-to the sum. Comparing numbers can sometimes be quite tricky to pick up, so it’s good to be able to replay a level and improve your score the next time. We have no doubt that Quick Maths+ will improve your mental arithmetic skills if you practice frequently.

In addition to Quick Maths+, we encourage you to take a look at the first iteration of Quick Maths, that focuses mainly on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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