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Mobile Mouse transforms your phone or tablet into a wireless mouse

Screenshots from the app Mobile Mouse

If you frequently have a computer connected to a SMARTboard, then Mobile Mouse might be an app for you. It allows you to control basic features of your computer using a mobile device, as if you were right there next to it.

So you can stand anywhere in the class and still flick through slides in a presentation or browse through a website.

When we reviewed the app, we used an iPad but it’ll work for any touchscreen device such as an Android phone or iPhone. In order for your computer and iPad to work together, you need to download the free software at MobileMouse.com. This will essentially tell your computer to treat the iPad like a wireless mouse and keyboard. Just make sure that your computer and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or they won’t be able to connect.

Mobile Mouse will function with various programs on your computer and it can even handle media playback. Anything a mouse and keyboard can do, your iPad can now do too. The bulky keyboard and mouse are a thing of the past. Mobile Mouse provides a full replacement that you can use wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom.

Mobile Mouse is available for Android and iOS.

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