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My Incredible Body is an in-depth guide to anatomy

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Learning about the human body can be an overwhelming task. The app, My Incredible Body, is an ideal way to get started. It covers all the main areas from your brain to your muscles, with clear diagrams and narration.

The app opens with 9 icons that represent the different parts of the body. Selecting an icon will open up that section and display a realistic illustration (including interactive features) as well as more icons. The icons aren’t easy to identity straight away so you’ll likely need to press them in order to see the effect. For example, the bomb icon in the skull section will provide an exploded view, showing all of the individual parts.

We particularly enjoyed the nervous system animations. Here it displays how the human body feels pain by taking you on a journey from a needle in the finger, moving up to your brain and making you scream ‘ouch!’. The entire process – and everything else in the app – is beautifully narrated so you know exactly what you’re seeing.

Overall, we love the app but finding specific details can be tricky at first. Even though it’s a paid app (£23.99), it still comes with in-app purchases. For a little extra money you can buy a set of quizzes as well as unlocking the reproductive system.

Available for iOS and Android.


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