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Quark DesignPad is an advanced creation app for newsletters, posters and more

If you need to create an official document for printing, Quark DesignPad is about as professional as it gets. Unlike other document creating apps, you don’t just stop at the page dimensions, but continue on to select the size of margins and columns. Thus creating a truly precise document that prints to the highest standard.

As the name suggests, the app is developed by Quark, makers of the desktop publishing software QuarkXpress. So it’s not surprising that if you have the desktop version, it’ll seamlessly work together with Quark DesignPad.

When creating a new design, you can select from a list of predefined document types, such as a brochure, business card, fact sheet, flyer, newsletter or poster. If the basic layout is not what you’re after, you can tweak the document by adjusting the columns, rows, borders, frames etc. The app also displays placeholder text so you get a rough idea of how it will look before you’ve added in your content.

Once you have your template in place, it’s just a matter of filling it with text and images. You’ll also want to adjust design elements such as colours, fonts and sizes. There’s even a library of free stock photos that can be browsed from directly within the app.

Although the app is free, in order to email or print your created document, you have to upgrade via an in-app purchase. It costs £6.99, which may seem like a lot, but it’s entirely justifiable when you see the amount of features available. Plus, you can always try out everything first and make the purchase decision later.

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