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Quick Clocks is an effective method for learning about time

quick clocks learn time app for ipad

The developers at Shiny Things have knocked another app out of the park. Quick Clocks is a clean, polished app that contains three mini games to help children understand time.

The reason we love it so much is that it doesn’t just ask for the time, but instead covers lots of different aspects of time-telling.

The app covers 24 hour clocks and the difference between times, which are both important skills in everyday life. In order for the app to understand your written answers, it uses handwriting recognition to identify the numbers. So a question might display two clocks, one at 4.30pm and one at 6.45pm and you have to write down in the box how many hours and minutes they are apart.

Students can progress through each game by completing the three levels of difficulty — beginner, intermediate and advanced. Starting with basic questions such as picking out the correct time from a set of clocks, to moving the hands on a clock to represent the required time.

Overall, the app isn’t flashy and feels very sophisticated. A standard we’ve come to expect from the team at Shiny Things. As with a lot of successful apps in the App Store, Quick Clocks does one thing and it does it very well.

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