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Receive any app notifications from your iPhone to your Mac

Notifications on the iPhone are a key part of keeping you updated with your various apps and services. A message on Whatsapp, breaking news from BBC, sports scores etc. are all pushed to our attention to keep us in the know as soon as it happens.

Apple already does a great job of pushing text and phone call notifications to the Mac, but they have never opened this up for 3rd-party app developers. I can only imagine that they don’t want users bombarded with notifications throughout the day — especially on a device that could be a work computer. However, if you’d like your phone notifications appearing on your Mac, there’s a simple way to do it using Notifyr.

Notifyr sends all your notifications to the Mac using low-power bluetooth as long as the two devices are in range of each other. Low-power bluetooth for iPhone claims to hold a connection for up to 50 metres, but obviously this will vary depending on walls, structures and other obstacles.

Even if you have a lot of notifications on your iPhone, you don’t have to share all of them to the Mac. Within System Preferences, you can choose what apps you want to arrive on the Mac with a simple click of a box.

To connect the two devices together you’ll need the Mac app (available here) and the iPhone app (available here). You’ll also need to check the compatibility of your devices as only modern devices have the low-power bluetooth.

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