organise your audio recordings on the ipad

Recorder: A free app for recording voice memos on the iPad

Apple’s Voice Memos app in the iPhone is a nice little app but it lacks customisation. Recorder, not only has been made to suit professionals that are looking for a bit more efficiency and power, but it also works for iPad. This means you get much more than simple memos, giving you the ability to contextualise with additional text notes, photos and star ratings. It even links with your calendar, so finally your recorded staff meetings are sorted correctly.

When things get really busy there’s the tagging facility too, making your memos easier to find. There’s also plenty of export options, including Evernote and Dropbox integration, and the option to create a PDF from any of the visual accompaniments to your recordings.

You can record in either AAC or MP3: ideal for exporting to folk who might not be using an iOS device to play it back.

Download for iOS.

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