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Recordium Pro is a supercharged app for everything audio

recordium pro ipad audio recording app

Recordium Pro is an excellently designed app that takes audio recordings to a whole new level. What makes it so effective is that it allows you to add notes, tags and pictures to sections of the recording, making it easy to recognise parts without having to play it back.

There’s also a tool to let you highlight portions of the audio so you can quickly see it when scrolling through — especially useful for long audio recordings.

Another neat function of Recordium Pro is the trim feature that lets you snip away unnecessary parts of your file. Or if you’d prefer, cut the section out and create a new file with it. Audio files can be saved in WAV, MP3 and others, and can be exported to other apps to be saved — such as Dropbox, Evernote etc.

Recordium Pro is highly recommended and could be used spontaneously throughout the classroom. It’s great for managing all sorts of recordings and the tags/notes features make searching through long recordings a really visual process.

If you don’t mind a few less features, check out the free version of Recordium here.

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