Christmas Santa Display

This Christmas Santa display makes a great centrepiece for your classroom walls.

Simple Display Ribbons

A few different styles of ribbon that are perfect for creating the title for a…

printable map of scotland

Map of Scotland

As Paperzip is based in Scotland, we just had to add a map of the…

Large Display Clouds

Seven styles of display clouds in A4 and A3 sizes. We’ve also included a guide…

Happy Birthday Posters

Three Happy Birthday posters in A4 size.

Four Seasons

Images displaying the four seasons in A4 and A5 size.

Feather Icons

Simple feathers available in various colours. Includes a blank template for printing onto coloured paper…

Colourful Socks

A selection of colourful socks with plain, spotty and striped designs.

Classroom Tools and Utensils

Our classroom tools pack contains 10 common tools found in your stationery cupboard.