Teacher Treats

A little something for the educators!

A featured image displaying a sun with the words glow and a tree with the words grow.

Glow and Grow

A simple way for providing student feedback.

A set of three editable reward cards for the classroom.

Simple Reward Cards

Easily create a reward card for any situation.

thank you note cards free

Colourful Striped Note Cards (Editable)

Free printable note cards that can be customised!

Printable note cards for music teachers and musicians, in four pastel colours

Musical Notes

For when you need to send a someone a quick note. Pun absolutely intended.

Colourful note cards for saying a simple thank you

Thank You Notes

For times when you need a quick and easy way of saying thanks.

Documents for recording what students have had a great day

‘Today Was A Great Day’ Teacher Record

A simple document for recording which pupils have had a great day.

free printable summer note cards

Summer Note Cards

Summer note cards for teachers to give to students or colleagues at the end of…

A Note From My Teacher free printable cards

Note Cards

A set of note cards in four different styles. They’re an easy way to send…