Resources and ideas from Sparky Teaching

Sparky Teaching is a place to get resources and ideas for getting your class thinking and working creatively. There is quite a lot on the site, all of which I love, but here are a few of the things that get a visit from me a few times a week.

Everyday they have a question to get your class thinking creatively, it is great for stimulating discussion and you can even post your response on the site along with other schools.

For KS2 I use 365 Questions.
Click here to follow the link to 365 Questions

They also have a great collection of posters ‘CAUTION MINDS AT WORK’.
Click here to follow the link to CAUTION MINDS AT WORK

And finally, The Splog, it is their blog which is not updated as often as I would like, but the content is high quality – it’s where they introduced their Sites for Sore Eyes sample.
Follow this link to The Splog



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