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Improve spelling & vocabulary with the Spelling Hero game

Spelling Hero iPad app

Spelling Hero takes the process of learning to spell and combines it with the fun aspect of gaming. By making spelling a game, it adds a fun spin that children clearly can relate to.

You play as a super spelling hero who is tasked at taking down evil villains by correctly spelling words. With each battle, a word is read aloud and a definition is provided on-screen (for a few seconds) before you begin typing the word. You choose from a selection of letters, similar to a game of Scrabble, and when/if you spell the word correctly, your superhero will fire at the villain. Spell it wrong and the villain fires back. There are 10 villains to defeat, with each one getting a little bit more difficult.

Even though Spelling Hero makes spelling fun, progressing through the levels is quite repetitive. Each correctly spelt word shows the same attack, regardless of how difficult the word was. We think that spelling harder words should display a better looking attack, rather than the same one used to spell an easy word from level one.

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