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Story Wars is a website for collaborative storytelling

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Story Wars is a new website that brings people together from all over the world to write a story — one chapter at a time. When a chapter is added, members get to cast a vote on which one is the best and the winner is added to the story. This ensures that the best work is selected and it keeps the quality high.

Any user can begin a new story by writing the first chapter, so you can try and establish a direction or main character. However, there’s obviously no guarantee that other writers will share the same ideas. That’s what makes Story Wars so interesting!

As the website is open to the general public, there may be an issue with bad language or inappropriate content which may be unsuitable for children. However, they do offer a classroom version which is private and shareable using a unique link, which gives teachers much more control over the stories. It costs just $4 a year!

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