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Tactically solve maths equations in Mathagon

mathagon ipad app

Mathagon is a great maths app, where the aim of the game is to connect numbers in a honeycomb-like formation.

Similar to Scrabble, you have a set amount of numbers that you can add, so you must choose carefully in order to succeed. Numbers can be connected by one of the four basic arithmetic symbols. So if you have to connect a 4 and 2, you would strategically choose between a 2, 6 or 8 — with the hope, of using up all the numbers you have. To make the game more difficult, some spaces contain arithmetic symbols, meaning you have one option to calculate that answer and further encourages players to think ahead.

Mathagon offers various game modes including: Solo, Two-Player and Timed. You can also alter the difficulty of each mode by choosing between Classic, Minimal and Extended. Some of the options are locked when you first play, but these can be unlocked by building up enough points in the other modes or by purchasing Mathagon Pro.

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