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Tico Timer is a visual way of counting down time

Tico Timer is a simple app that does one thing and does it well. It provides an alternative way of displaying a countdown timer using beautiful visuals and a lovely use of colour.

Instead of boring and repetitive numbers ticking down, the animations in Tico Timer provide a new way of seeing when the time runs out. You can select from 11 animations and 7 songs, that adjust depending on how long the timer is (1sec to 30mins). For example, in our screenshot, the dots will disappear a lot faster if you have a 1 minute countdown compared to a 30 minute countdown. The music is a nice touch but for tasks that require a lot of concentration, you might want to tap the mute button. Equally, if you have a long countdown, the music will get on your nerves.

One small problem with Tico Timer is the fact it only works in portrait mode, so if you want it displayed so that everyone can see it, you’ll need to prop it up against something.

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