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Tynker: Learn programming concepts and create your own game

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Tynker is an app that has a great way of teaching children how to code. It teaches basic principles through simple games that have to be completed using code blocks. So instead of just playing a game with directional arrows and a jump button, the player must program the character to define the correct number of steps and when to jump.

By completing these levels (that get progressively harder) you begin to understand how coding works and the potential of what can be created on your own. The app comes with one free game and three more available via an in-app purchase.

In addition to the games, Tynker has a very extensive ‘Create Mode’ with a choice of themes and objects to add to your own project. You might want to create your own game, like Pong or Asteroids, or a storybook with interactive elements. If you need help using code blocks that you’re unsure of, a great place to start is the Tynker video tutorials.

Tynker is available on iPad, Android and desktop computers, and anything you create can be accessed on either platform. If you’re managing multiple accounts for a classroom, teachers can sign up and access a comprehensive monitoring tool that tracks pupil progress and quickly measures learning outcomes.


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