Explore endangered animals with the WWF Together app

WWF Together sets out to make you aware of some of the most fascinating animals on our planet. Not only does it provide brilliant content, but it’s presented in a way that’s so interactive, making it a joy to consume.

When you open the app, you select from a number of animals, by swiping the screen. Choose from pandas, tigers, sharks and more – each with their own individual story, facts and photographs. Learn about an animal’s habitat, threats and population as well as high-definition video. It’ll even use your tablet’s internet connection to tell you how far away you are from a particular species.

Using WWF Together in the Classroom

  • Part of a rainforest topic
  • Fact-finding and comprehension
  • Studying endangered animals
  • Campaign for each animal in groups

WWF Together looks beautiful, has a countless number of features and the tiled layout means it’s incredibly easy to navigate. Considering it’s free, we see no reason why you shouldn’t have this on your tablet!

Download for iOS or Android




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