Herb labels for the garden

A set of 10 herb labels for identifying your garden plants. The 10 herbs are…

Fruit labels for your classroom garden

20 fruit labels for a school garden. Each label is approximately 3x7cm in size and…

free vegetable labels garden printable

Vegetable labels for your classroom garden

If you’ve got a school garden, we’ve created some vegetable labels to help identify plants.

Winter Knitted Patterns

A set of 5 high quality winter patterns in the style of traditional Christmas jumpers.

Summer BBQ

We created this barbecue pack as a themed resource for improving numeracy skills.

Five Senses Cards

Our five senses cards are perfect for lessons or as part of a classroom display.

Winter Banners

Two winter banners with lots of snow and ice! Each banner is split across three…

Weather Cards Vol. 2

Another collection of weather cards, ready to print on A4 pages. Some of the cards…

Weather Cards Vol. 1

Our 8 weather cards display the most common types of forecasts.

Space Writing Templates

Write or draw about space with six of our writing templates.

pictures of fruit with names classroom printable

Fruit Photos with Names

Nine photos of fruit with names. There are 3 cards to an A4 page.

food display cards classroom printable

Food Display Cards

Large collection of 44 food cards including many fruit and vegetables. Great for sorting into…