Resources for helping children read, write, speak and listen.

A yellow emoji dice made out of paper displaying emoji expressions. The background is purple and blue.

Emoji Dice Templates: A Fun Way to Help Kids Write Creative Stories

Emojis are a fun and popular way to communicate with friends and family. But they’re…

A set of printable cards in eight colours for helping children with creative writing. Each card displays the reading genre and a linear illustration.

Flash Cards of Creative Writing Topics and Genres

Visual flash cards to help children explore their creative writing skills.

A set of printable letters in the style of LEGO Duplo building blocks.

LEGO Duplo Alphabet

A colourful alphabet in the style of LEGO Duplo building blocks.

Blue letters in a grid where the vowels are highlighted from the consonants

Vowels and Consonants Alphabet

An alphabet that differentiates between vowels and consonants.

Their There They’re Posters

A minimal set of posters for understanding their, there and they are.

teaching resource pangrams

Pangram Cards and Template

Sentences containing every letter of the alphabet.

colourful letters on shapes display

2D Shapes Alphabet

Uppercase and lowercase letters on colourful shapes!

editable would you rather template printable for schools

Would you rather…

Would you rather master every musical instrument or master every type of sport?

A set of 10 cards displaying the Buzzwords literacy game

Buzzwords – The Word Scramble Game

Find the hidden words and progress to the next level!

tidy alphabet letter bookshelf bookcase

Alphabet Bookshelf A-Z

An organised, tidy alphabet bookshelf for classroom displays.