Resources for helping children read, write, speak and listen.

create an emoji banner print free

Emoji Banner Creator

Create an emoji banner for your next display, with a choice of 10 expressions and…

A secret agent pack for children including a cipher card and international morse code card

Secret Agent Academy – Cipher and Morse Code Cards

A super-confidential code, for the eyes of secret agents only.

printable braille alphabet classroom free

Braille Alphabet and Numbers

An alphabet pack where each letter (A-Z) and number (0-9) displays the Braille equivalent. 

The international phonetic alphabet

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The official NATO phonetic alphabet in colourful squares, used to indicate what speech or letters…

A book review template for writing lessons

Book Review Templates

Our Book Review Templates are a fun and colourful way for expressing how you felt…

printable superhero bookmarks free

Superhero Bookmarks

Simple superhero bookmarks in various colours. Each superhero comes in both male and female versions.

Arrows displaying letters that are connected together to build words

Arrow Alphabet Word Building

A word building activity for beginner readers. 

free printable morse code alphabet for classroom display

Morse Code Alphabet

An alphabet for displaying the international Morse code. Great for creating super-secret literacy puzzles.

Colourful homophone cards for kids

Colourful Homophone Cards

A set of illustrated and colour-coordinated homophones showing 50 of the most common words that…

A set of cards displaying adjectives for each sense to aid with children's writing

Vocabulary poster set for writing stories

A list of vocabulary for helping children write stories.

Two colourful books for creating a book exchange at school or work

The Great Book Exchange

Organising a book exchange event is an excellent way of recycling books and getting them…

ninja lettering free printable

Ninja Alphabet

A highly-trained ninja alphabet skilled in the Japanese art of Ninjutsu.