Recordium Pro is a supercharged app for everything audio

Recordium Pro is an excellently designed app that takes audio recordings to a whole new level. What makes it so effective is that it allows you to add notes, tags and pictures to sections of the recording, making it easy to recognise parts without having to play it back.

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a live video stream of the international space station iss

Watch the ISS camera stream live from your classroom

The International Space Station is a huge science lab in the stars, and home to many astronauts from around the world. It was launched in 1998 and people have lived in it since the year 2000 — researching and learning about space. It’s currently zooming around earth at the rate of about 5 miles every second.

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to-do app organising ipad

30/30 uses timed tasks to help you get more done

Unlike most to-do apps, 30/30 lets you create a list of tasks, with an allotted length of time for each one. So, when you create a new task, you simply say how long you want to spend doing it — whether it’s a quick coffee break or a list of exercises during a P.E. lesson.

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explore earth google

Google Earth: Discover exciting places around the world

When Google Earth was first released, many were impressed with the idea that you could travel anywhere on Earth. As technology grows, software becomes more intelligent and Google Earth is no exception. Not only can you combine maps with satellite imagery, but you can now head out on an adventure with the new “Tour Guide” feature.

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