The Orchestra app visualises how classical music comes together

Developers Touchpress are quickly becoming one of the top creators of iPad apps. The Orchestra is just another fine example of how apps should be designed and built. Although the app centres around classical music, you don’t necessarily have to enjoy classical music in order to appreciate it.

The focus of the app is to help users understand and observe an orchestra while they are playing — with note-by-note visualisations of each piece as it’s played. There are multiple camera angles and views so that you can switch between them at any point during the music.

The excerpts of music span three centuries and include eight symphonies from some of the world’s greatest composers. These can be carefully observed from many perspectives, such as video and the fascinating, synchronised BeatMap. This super technology essentially displays what part of the orchestra is playing, by using a collection of colour-coded circles that light up when active.

An app called The Orchestra wouldn’t be complete without some information relating to the instruments. Luckily you can discover how a particular instrument works, but also read, watch and hear the musicians themselves explain their role in the orchestra.

A truly spectacular app, that is a must-have for music teachers everywhere.

Note: The Orchestra app is extremely large (almost 2GB) and will likely take a while to download and install.

TextExpander changes short abbreviations into long snippets of text

With the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014, Apple unlocked the possibility for adding 3rd party keyboards which are relatively unknown to many. These keyboard extensions function in a similar way to the default keyboard, but usually with an added benefit. For example, you can speed up typing by using the swipe-to-type style SwiftKey or have the powerful search functionality of Google using their Gboard app. TextExpander looks to speed up your workflow and day-to-day life by helping you expand short abbreviations into longer sentences or phrases.

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  • solar-walk-app-sun
  • solar-walk-app-earth
  • solar-walk-app-earth-core

Solar Walk is a 3D environment for navigating through our solar system

Solar Walk takes you up into space on an adventure through and around the planets in our solar system. Users can explore a vast array of moons, dwarf planets and comets — each with information about their dimensions and orbit. There are also a handful of videos that cover the basics, such as Earth cycles, moon phases and eclipses.

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math 42 smart calculator app android ios

Math 42 provides step-by-step solutions to maths problems

Think of Math 42 as a combination of a calculator and a maths tutor. It doesn’t just solve maths problems but it explains the process that was used to find the answer. Although it won’t replace the teaching of a new concept, it will certainly help to remind students of rules and formulas, especially when a teacher is not present.

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