typic text on photos app for ipad

Typic supercharges your photos with filters, text and design elements

Typic looks like just another standard photo editor with an endless supply of colourful and vintage filters. However, delving deeper you’ll find it has so much more to offer. Swiping along the bottom of the screen will navigate you between the various options — filters, frames, text, colours and a large collection of icons.

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stickyboard app for ipad whiteboard

Stickyboard 2 is a whiteboard app with post-it notes

Teachers use a lot of post-it notes in the classroom and the app Stickyboard looks to bring them into the digital era. With simple gestures and a clear interface, there’s not much of a learning curve. Especially after you’ve followed the tutorial when you first open the app.

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video stopwatch for ipad measure time between two points

Video Stopwatch finds the elapsed time between two points in a video

Video Stopwatch is a simple app that helps you measure the time it takes between two points in a video. The obvious use for this is during a race where you could get the exact times for each competitor. As long as you have a recording from the start of the race and a suitable location of the finish line, the app works reasonably well.

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identify butterfly app for ipad

A guide for identifying British and European butterflies

Reference guides are an excellent type of app for the iPad as you get so much information in a portable device. The next time a butterfly passes, you can identify it from anything that you can remember — colour, size, markings, type of habitat or when and where you saw it. In addition to butterflies, the app also contains day-flying moths.

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notability app sketching notetaking

Notability: A powerful app for text, sketch and audio notes

You no longer have to imagine a world without a perfect note-taking iPad app, because Notability is wonderful. It is an incredible piece of software that, even with the amount of current features, is always looking to improve and update. Whether you want to add a text note, audio recording, annotate a webpage or doodle over a photograph — Notability can do it all.

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TextExpander changes short abbreviations into long snippets of text

With the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014, Apple unlocked the possibility for adding 3rd party keyboards which are relatively unknown to many. These keyboard extensions function in a similar way to the default keyboard, but usually with an added benefit. For example, you can speed up typing by using the swipe-to-type style SwiftKey or have the powerful search functionality of Google using their Gboard app. TextExpander looks to speed up your workflow and day-to-day life by helping you expand short abbreviations into longer sentences or phrases.

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